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PVac Solar FAQ#2

Posted by [email protected] on May 21, 2014 at 4:40 PM

Even for  non-profit organizations that cannot directly use the 30% ITC,  is it possible to incorporate incentives through third party financing arrangements such as a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)?

 --  Yes, but a true financial analysis would need to be performed.  While we can introduce NGO to groups who will do this, it is less expensive in the long run to take care of it themselves if they already have maintenance and can obtain good financing or have the money.

What Total Lifetime Costs increase or decrease the lifetime cost (utility price increases, Power output degradation,total operating and maintenance expenses over your system’s lifetime?  

 -- the systems are warrantied over a 30 year period.  Projected lifetime is 50 years with a 5% probability of replacing inverters and a 1% probability of replacing panels.   Replacement of hardware is unlikely, but a 0.1% probability exists.  Power output degradation over 20 years is less than 10%.  Operating expense is primarily administrative, maintaining a monitoring computer and possibly someone overseeing production.  This can be a typical maintenance function or allow access to anyone who wishes to look at the performance.  Great PR  to allow the schools access for school projects, keeps the monitoring interesting.

How is your PVac690 wired?  What is included in the PVac690?


Our PVac690 system would include 2 (345 watt) panels, 12.5' 10 AWG wiring harness, Inverter and Electrical Chaise and Mounting hardware.


In addition, you can order plug and play combiner boxes with 10 AWG coming in and 6 AWG copper coming out going to the plug and play disconnect box.  This eliminates any electrician requirements all the way to the disconnect box.


The mounting hardware is now part of the frame.   All wiring is plug and play using Anderson Power connectors.


All PVac systems are parallel wired.  Essentially plugging the harness between systems, 8 systems to a wiring harness delivering up to 32 Amps at 240 VAC to the combiner box.   6 AWG from combiner box (24 systems) carrying up to 96 amps



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Reply John Nistler
5:46 PM on August 20, 2017 
At this time the smallest PVac system being offered is the PVac8400 or BIPV8400. The PVac8400 comes in ground mount, flat roof, or pitched roof configurations. I apologize but do to orders placed we will not be able to fulfill any order under 10 MW unless its bundled for 10 MW or greater.