PSIDA  Solar, Wind, Storage and Electric Storage

Solar photovoltaic, PV,  VAWT wind turbines, electric battery or methane storage

Investment opportunities

PSIDA GR LLC's primary market interest is in the +/- 30 degree latitude regions with additional sales of the Smartwind, SolaStor and PSIDA ZEV electric and hybrid vehicles in additional markets outside of +/-30 degree latitude.

Providing solar power, wind power, electric storage and electric/hybrid vehicles, the company builds off of core technologies across its offerings providing full solutions for carbon free electricity and transportation.

It is the company's intent to use investments to a) consolidate through acquisition of suppliers strengthening overall position, b) to improve overall design for manufacturing to increase overall sales and reduce price, c)  and address the costs of marketing in the $10 Billion plus sales potential in the +/- 30 degree latitude zones which represent 80% of the people on this Earth.

PSIDA welcomes individual, industrial and venture capital investors.  Smaller investors can invest through PSIDA Ventures, a Texas based LLC  which allows smaller investors to contribute and benefit from  PSIDA GR LLC.  Larger investors can invest directly into PSIDA GR LLC .  Both parties benefit from the confidentiality of the corporate structure, future growth of the company, future profitability and protection of the environment.

For further information, please use the contact us form providing detailed information regarding your interests and desires.