PSIDA  Solar, Wind, and Waste to Methane RE Backup Facilities

Solar photovoltaic, PV,  VAWT wind turbines, electric battery or methane storage

PSIDA  using our unique technologies and design for manufacturing provides highest performance in the field for low wind applications and solar throughout the world.  Specializing in Agrisolar, Solar PV electric vehicle private and commercial charging stations, Utility grade Vertical Axis Wind Turbine and Solar PV installations, Solar Barns, Solar Greenhouses and Solar Arbors.
    Excess electricity for utility installations using the Solastor Waste to Methane facility provide and EROEI, Energy return over Energy in of 15 to 25x utilizing the intrinsic btu of the waste material.

The building block of all our solar PV systems is the PVac1.48kW which utilizes the 370 watt solar module with integrated smart junction box and 4 in 1 microinverter technology and overall structure with dynamic and static strength to withstand up to 150 mile per hour direct and radial winds.

The P370W module utilizes AR protective coating with water sheeting which helps to keep your modules clean, field serviceable diodes and reduced process degradation due to back sheet material, sealants and encapsulation reduces the overall loss of power over a 50 year period with fire and safety protocol plus remote cutoff on each module.  Each module has maximized power MPPT control and the system does not experience amperage loss due to one module being dirty or damaged in a string configuration.

Our Windhorse 2.2 MW vertical axis wind turbine has the lowest cut in speed without motor startup in the industry at 0.9 m/s (2 mph) and highest cut out speed at 65 m/s (145 mph).  This provides the widest range of any commercial wind turbine in the industry.  The Windhorse 2.2 VAWT is built with air plane quality aluminum, sealed maintenance free bearings, and electric generator on the pad eliminating high elevation maintenance on the Nacelle.  All blades are 10 meter and the entire system can be delivered by normal 40 ft trailer.  Icing issues are greatly reduced due to our STOL blade profiles that are supported at both ends.  In other words, no tips that ice up quickly and get heavy.

PSIDA Energy provides frequency modulation and long term uninterrupted power with our SolaStor Waste to Methane RE backup facility.  Converting Trash, Sewage, Chemicals and Biomass into Hydrogen or Methane. In the situation where greenhouse farming is used intensively , Solastor provides CO2 for enhanced plant growth.  The Energy Out versus Energy In or EOEI exceeds 15 for electricity backup, and exceeds 25 for heat.

Trash in, viable products out.  Fuels such as Hydrogen and Methane out.  If the trash or waste contains metals, these are recycled pre and post processing.  Glass is recovered after processing from the organic fertilizer.  Distilled water and excess heat are obtained from the exothermic process.  No waste products and no major consumption of the chemical used in processing.