PSIDA  Solar, Wind, Storage and Electric Storage

Solar photovoltaic, PV,  VAWT wind turbines, electric battery or methane storage

Specialists in Solar and Wind power, electric storage and electric vehicles.  Made in the USA.

Started in 2001,  PSIDA constantly considers our customers providing best performance at best price.  While others may offer you a "cheap" system we provide you with a reliable, high performance product with industry leading warranties based on Design for Manufacturing and utilization of quality parts.

PSIDA utilizes full MPPT algorithms, advanced optics, mechanical design, generator design  and electronics in our PVac and SmartWind to provide the maximum in kWh versus kW design over the entire life of your  power system.  PSIDA is the only systems manufacturer that does not use electrolytic capacitors due to the unique patented inverter approach.  This means the DC to AC conversion stays consistent throughout the life of the product.

Systems are designed to withstand 125 mile per hour winds, dust accumulation, high power output, ease of maintenance and high reliability.  PSIDA offers a 30 year limited product warranty on solar products, 20 year on our Smartwind systems and 10 years on our SolaStor electric storage including the batteries.

Best in the world, because we make a quality product!  We provide fully integrated turn key solutions from 660 watts up to 1 GW systems.   Building in the  USA,  PSIDA provides superior product for solar power, electric storage and electric vehicles.

Contact us at USA 512 357 4102 for more information.

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