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PSIDA  Solar, Wind, Storage and Electric Storage

Solar photovoltaic, PV,  VAWT wind turbines, electric battery or methane storage

Investment opportunities

Cebu Philippines, SE Asia.  A 105.6 MW  Vertical Axis Wind power plant development in Southern Cebu with possibility of expansion to 2000 MW power plant. All Permits, plans, financing , PPA and government sponsorship is in place.  For less than 10% value of initial project value of > $151Million, a $20 Million USD investment allows you, the investor to obtain a 20% stake in the power plant.  Local operations and maintenance on the facility.  Sit back and enjoy high return on a 3 year breakeven, 14 cent per kWh FIT, with plant operations of 45 years or greater.  A total of four investors, you will have at least one seat on the board and ability to review operations at any time and all books upon a 2 week notice of arraignment.  Quarterly and Annual Reports will be provided with 1 month notice prior to all personal review.

105.6MW 48 Windhorse 2.2 MW VAWT

2 GW Solar Cell Facility (USA).  Commercial line of 24% solar cell efficiency.  Break Even in less than 3 years.  ROI> 15%.  Exit strategy of MBO and/or stock offering.  US based, two locations under consideration.  Projected Profit of >35% based on lower projected sales price due to Trump US Executive order.  $400 Million loan at 3% already obtained.  Investment requested is $110 Million in return for 30% equity holding. Market penetration projection at 5% per year increase through 2020.