PSIDA  Solar, Wind, and Waste to Methane RE Backup Facilities

Solar photovoltaic, PV,  VAWT wind turbines, electric battery or methane storage

Investment opportunities

PURA VIDA Hybrid Power Plant and Agriculture, Aquaponics and Goat/Beef Operation

    Based in Central Texas this project is in the early development stage. Small and Large investors are welcome, Minimum $100,000.

     Using PSIDA ENERGY'S unique technology for Agri-solar PV, VAWT, Waste to Methane and 6 inch Texas Crawdaddy hybrid crawfish; PSIDA ENERGY is looking to build a unique demonstration of 24/7 RE generation with agricultural usage providing multiple streams of income.   Excellent Return on Investment, PSIDA Energy will use a unique Wind Corridor stretching for 46 miles in Central Texas.

    PSIDA Energy is looking at land for the Agrisolar PV installation.  Land being looked at has both LCRA and Bluebonnet electric lines running on the property.  Up to 300 kW at 9 cents per kWh, while LCRA contract for on demand power is expected in the 3 to 5 cent wholesale range per kWh.  Wind turbine installations will be on leased or purchased land.

   Build out plan over 10 years up to 2 GW of solar and 2 GW of wind.  Progress will depend on fund raising. 

Cebu Philippines, SE Asia.  A 105.6 MW  Vertical Axis Wind power plant development in Southern Cebu with possibility of expansion to 2000 MW power plant. All Permits, plans, financing , PPA and government sponsorship is in place.  For less than 10% value of initial project value of > $151Million, a $20 Million USD investment allows you, the investor to obtain a 20% stake in the power plant.  Local operations and maintenance on the facility.  Sit back and enjoy high return on a 3 year breakeven, 14 cent per kWh FIT, with plant operations of 45 years or greater.  A total of four investors, you will have at least one seat on the board and ability to review operations at any time and all books upon a 2 week notice of arraignment.  Quarterly and Annual Reports will be provided with 1 month notice prior to all personal review.

105.6MW 48 Windhorse 2.2 MW VAWT