PSIDA  Solar, Wind, Storage and Electric Storage

Solar photovoltaic, PV,  VAWT wind turbines, electric battery or methane storage

PSIDA can help you with higher power output and financial returns with innovative product and services.

Do you need offgrid, on grid or UPS based power supplies?  Using our wide range of technologies and products we can provide you short and long term electrical storage,  PVac solar based electricity, Smartwind low speed Vertical Axis Wind Turbines with over 20 years in the field in extreme conditions with minimal maintenance and no failures, plus battery based load management or long term UPS, uninterrupted power supply using the unique chemical based SolaStor Waste to Methane plant for conversion of trash, sewage, biowaste,plastics, etc to methane, clean drinking water and organic fertilizer.  No waste products produced.

Due to high interest, we will be offering the two car, driveway solar carport with 4140 watts. The pultruded fiberglass structure requires no painting, does not rust and is guaranteed for 25 year warranty in addition to the solar modules, inverters, wiring, etc of the system. Combined with our PVac1400W-4 and PVac8400W-6. Our new PVac4200W-3 completes the full line of our rooftop and ground mount systems.  No project is too big, we offer equipment only or turnkey operations.

        PSIDA offers a simple manufacturing credit at 3% for qualified projects using our equipment.   Customer deposit - 30%,  Manufacturing Credit  for 3 years.

PSIDA Support for Sketchup Computer Aided Drawing Program.
The days of figuring out string loading and layout is very old school. Complete ready to install systems are now available. Most people can actually use sketchup and do layout themselves now due to the full solar shadowing program on sketchup. Visualization of a house is easy to obtain by taking measurements or original drawings of the house. Be sure and include vents, chimneys, etc. If you wish to use the PSIDA PVac1380W-4 , PVac4140W-3 or PVac8220W-6 for ground mount, or rooftop installation systems for , we will provide you the PVac1380W-4 drawing in skp for sketchup.  The files are free and we can assist with some help specific to better solar shadowing analysis, overall training is available from Trimble to get started at no cost.  We make no commissions from Trimble, but have found that this program works well for the normal architect, installer, business or home owner who is interesting in looking at solar install.

A free version of Sketchup can be obtained on line.  We will provide you with Version 2016 files which will allow you to use the free or professional versions.

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