PSIDA  Solar, Wind, and Waste to Methane RE Backup Facilities

Solar photovoltaic, PV,  VAWT wind turbines, electric battery or methane storage

PSIDA can help you with higher power output and financial returns with innovative product and services.

Do you need offgrid, on grid or UPS based power supplies?  Using our wide range of technologies and products we can provide you short and long term electrical storage,  PVac solar based electricity, Windhorse low speed Vertical Axis Wind Turbines with over 20 years in the field in extreme conditions with minimal maintenance and no failures, plus battery based load management or long term UPS, uninterrupted power supply using the unique chemical based SolaStor Waste to Methane plant for conversion of trash, sewage, biowaste,plastics, etc to methane, clean drinking water and organic fertilizer.  No waste products produced.

   PSIDA provides complete systems with or without EPC.  Our solar PVac 1480W , 4 module, 4 in 1 microinverter and pultruded fiberglass structure with quick lock assembly provides a unique system using integrated junction box technology on the P370 modules with field serviceable diodes to increase annual power production by up to 20%.  This basic unit is the fundamental building block for any size installation: residential, commercial or utility.
    The Windhorse 2.2 MW Vertical Axis Wind turbine is a two tower, counter-rotating system with generator housing on the pad simplifying maintenance and installation.  As a VAWT, counter rotating twin tower unit, the Windhorse uses turbulence to actually increase the power output and is the only MW VAWT system worldwide with pitch controlled STOL design.
    The Solastor WTM RE Backup Facility uses a unique chemical based , exothermic process that breaks down all cellulose, plastics, difficult fibers, chemicals (except for the chemical we are using), organic waste, and sewage while destroying all virus and parasites.   Unlike pyrolysis or plasma techniques, carbon and metals drop out of solution and are retrievable.  Thus the Solastor takes waste and sewage converting it into viable metals, fertilizer, distilled water and hydrogen/methane.